informal declaration that i’m going to be open for commissions come may. i’ll make an actual commission info post later, but im thinking of doing ~$20 for a picture with lineart + flats or basic colours. 

i’ll be open to whatever fandom or ocs, granted that you give references! 

if anyone is interested/has questions feel free to give me a shout  o/ 

decided to spend my study break burning my retinas with ”””colour”””’

realized it still is his birthday over in this neck of the woods, so happy (kinda-belated-since-he’s-in-asia) birthday ken! :)

can’t sleep —> get caught up to ch 55 of snk —> lots of christa sitting sadly at tables —> im upset :”””(

it’s been awhile since i was really interested in an hp au for my main fandom but  i think kpop+hp is a good mix…   are hp aus passé now? i don’t care lol 

wanted to make them look like lower years who dont know what they’re doing in their potions class, but drawing pre teens is sort of ??? to me 

ceci photoshoots are good to me

every 9 in 10 sandeuls i draw are wearing shorts because i must be a pervert or something

dickin around with brush settings pt ii

these settings are so much easier to colour with but oh man anyone wanna share tips on colouring hair lol

dickin around with new brush settings pt i 

on the off-chance that someone who sees this knows what photoshoot the bottom right picture of this graphic is from (ie. the picture of cnu i drew on the right) wanna let me know? :) :)

hello there! i just found your blog and I just wanted to say find your style really is really cute and awesome! Have a good day/night!

hi!!! thank you so much for saying so, I hope you have a good day/night as well °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

the sniper guy is making finger pistols because i am the bringer of uncreative fanart hehe  haha hoho

what’s up christineeee

trying to get used to using a tablet again by colouring/drawing over some princess tutu doodles i drew back in september (and i’m having a difficult time lol)


i just wanna send my regards to everyone who has been following/reblogging/liking over the past few months, despite my inactivity. judging by my upcoming schedule, i can’t say that the upcoming term is going to be any less busy than the last, but hopefully i’ll find time to draw/post every once in awhile.

also, it isn’t New Year’s yet but I’d just like to preemptively wish you guys a happy 2014 :)!

ok bye

aaand a thorin for morbidyetdelightful!

haha please ignore any inaccuracies in the outfit/pose/set up, this is merely a small attempt to step out of my very tiny colouring comfort zone (mainly wrt colour choices). 

not a wip, just me messing around in sai